VersaLink is a technological breakthrough bringing Canadian businesses unprecedented broadband speed, reliability, quality, value and ultimately, choice.

VersaLink brings unique methods to develop outstanding value and service solutions for all of your business communications needs, providing faster speeds, improved redundancy and superior quality, all at a lower cost than traditional alternatives.

With VersaLink as your management tool, you can introduce lower-cost or function-specific lines to achieve your goals. Whether your objective is redundancy, higher bandwidth or quality of service, VersaLink is your conduit to getting the job done more effectively, at a much lower cost.

VersaLink is designed to provide Canadian Businesses with:

Higher bandwidth at a lower cost

Affordable Enterprise-level redundancy

QoS/Bandwidth management (for VoIP or other critical applications)

Transparent Implementation (No special infrastructure or skills required)

Single Point of Accountability - Your Network is Our Responsibility.

Our patent-pending system aggregates and accelerates bandwidth, providing the full sum of upstream and downstream throughput from diverse carriers (Allstream, Bell, Rogers, Shaw, etc.), with various speed connections (dial-up, DSL, T1, E10, Cable, etc.) at the same time.

With no special protocols, infrastructure or permissions required, you may choose to keep your current Internet Service Provider and simply allow VersaLink to enhance your services to realize your high speed bandwidth, redundancy and quality objectives in the most cost-effective way.

By supporting multiple carriers, internet speeds and connection types, VersaLink brings you the ultimate in choice and scalability. Your solutions are virtually limitless.

Whether you're a small business in northern Manitoba, a large enterprise in downtown Montreal or a telecommuter in rural Ontario, VersaLink provides you with the speed, reliability and flexibility to meet your needs today and in the future.

Contact us to speak with one of our engineers about how VersaLink can save your business money while vastly improving your business's internet access, VoIP quality and network reliability.

ersatile: Diverse carriers, various connections, unlimited scalability.

conomical: Save 30% to 50% on your internet (voice/data/video) services.

eliable: Instant fail-over protection, 24/7/365 monitoring and support. 

peed: Increase your internet speed from 400% to 1,000% 

cceleration: Compression algorithms improve throughput up to ten-fold.

inkable: Combine any connection into one massive pipeline 

ncluding: Router, QoS, Firewall, VPN, Wi-Fi and 24-hour support. 

o Disconnects: Instant, carrier-independent seamless fail-over 

eep your ISP: Integrate with other carriers for unlimited bandwidth